Commercial properties

Let Us Handle Your Commercial Property for Lease in Glendale, CA

When you have commercial property for lease in Glendale, CA, turn to the team of experienced professionals at S.I.G. Property Management to start generating real value from your investment. We can find the best tenants for your business property so that it’s creating income for you rather than being a financial burden. Our expertise lies in providing full-service management. That means we market the property, locate and screen tenants and act as your intermediary with them for things such as property maintenance and rent collection. Because we are intimately familiar with the real estate market in this area and rental rates, we can help you get the best rates for your building.

We are also fully prepared to expedite the process if you have commercial real estate for sale. S.I.G. Property Management has an in-house broker so we can represent you as the seller with potential buyers. This is a very easy process as it means you only have to secure our services and step back and let us do the bulk of the work.

When you want to sell real estate, don’t hesitate to rely on our team. We have more than 25 years of experience to draw upon, and we will be happy to apply it on your behalf.