Property Management

Property Maintenance in Glendale, CA

Protect your investment with our property maintenance in Glendale, CA. S.I.G. Property Management’s goal is to minimize your liability and protect your investment. We act as the eyes and ears for your property. Some of the services our staff provides include:

Property Maintenance in Glendale, CA


Our office utilizes the most advanced management software in the industry to collect rents promptly and reconcile bank accounts monthly. Tenants have free access to check rent balances and pay rent online.

As the property owner, your property tax, utility, insurance, HOA, property maintenance, and landscape bills will be paid as instructed. You also have access to your own unique secure internet portal to view historical financial reports at any time. We disperse monthly "owner draws" by check or an electronic deposit to your account and transmit electronic reports to owners twice monthly via email.

S.I.G. Property Management reviews utility bills for excessive usage and possible leaks. We prepare to send final year-end reports for use with filing income taxes and also submit paperwork and payments to the Franchise Tax Board as required for out-of-state owners. An annual review to consider potential rent increases is also done.


A property supervisor will be assigned to you and your property to conduct semiannual inspections of properties and units with reports sent directly to you. Inspections include checking smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other health and safety issues. We evaluate the general condition of the building; look for peeling paint, leaks, unapproved pets, guests, and more.

Needed maintenance is also coordinated with tenants and vendors and move-in, and move-out inspections are done. Security deposit disposition is prepared, and any deductions and charges to the vacating tenant per California law are taken care of. Our Supervisors coordinate key returns.

Other Services

You'll be offered a full suite of services to fit your requirements. We represent you, the owner, in the eviction process if necessary, but evictions are not common. We also prepare, post and enforce three-day notices to pay rent as well as late fees that apply.

S.I.G. Property Management helps you keep up on fair housing and tenant/landlord laws. We hire and utilize on-site managers if applicable. We also provide the following services, some of which may incur additional charges:

  • The team will prepare and send annual 1099s to vendors at year's end in compliance with IRS regulations.

  • Money judgments will be forwarded to collection companies.

  • Tenants will be provided with an ability to send online maintenance requests 24/7 through our online "Tenant Portal."

  • We bill and collect SCEP and Rent Stabilization Fees from tenants if applicable in the City of Los Angeles.

  • Capital improvements to the property are promptly carried out.

  • Leases are re-signed, negotiated, or extended.

  • S.I.G. Property Management will work with and utilize your vendors for maintenance if you prefer.