Property Management

Property Management in Glendale, CA

Maximize the returnable income from your investment property while managing your liability with the full suite of services delivered by S.I.G. Property Management. Our team of specialists helps you to navigate the complex landscape of property management in Glendale, CA. We represent your interests at the property, and we do everything we can to attract and keep responsible tenants.

Managing an investment property may seem simple at first, but you will quickly start to see what types of skills are needed to make this acquisition an opportunity. You need an accounting department capable of reconciling bank accounts and providing the tenants with accurate and timely rent balances. Without a support team in place, the process can quickly become overwhelming. 

Broaden your capabilities and maintain a focus on your personal goals when you hire a management company that understands your obligations under local and state laws. Our representative manages the property on-site, so tenants get timely answers. We are responsive to maintenance requests, so your tenants are satisfied, and you don’t get a call in the middle of the night from someone with a leaky faucet.

Property Maintenance in Glendale, CA

Knowledgeable Supervision

To better manage the liability you face as an owner, we offer a suite of services that starts with an on-site presence that reassures tenants. As your representative at the property, our manager ensures stability through timely rent collection. We manage your relationship with the tenant through an advanced portal that includes balance inquires and a rent payment gateway.

The paperwork and payments associated with out-of-state ownership are sure to prove time-consuming. Somebody must review your utility bills to identify excessive usage and do a thorough review of potential rent increases. Our team does all of this while preparing the information for tax filing and any requirements of the Franchise Tax board.

A Comprehensive Approach to Management 

We design a service profile for you that includes the services you need. Our safety inspections identify potential issues that could be a danger to any tenants. When the time comes to evict a tenant, we complete all of the required actions and security deposit dispositions needed under California law. Establish a partnership with our group and take advantage of our responsive approach that includes:

  • The Forwarding of Money Judgements from Collection Companies 
  • Distribution of 1099s to All Vendors In Compliance With IRS Requirements 
  • Capital Improvements at the Property 
  • The Collection of SCEP and Rent Stabilization Fees When Applicable 
  • Lease Negotiations and Extensions 
  • Answering Online Requests via the 24/7 Portal 
  • Compliant Evictions and Late Rent Notices