Leasing Services

Complete Leasing Services in Glendale, CA

Owning a vacant rental property means losing money on your investment. Get those vacancies filled up quickly with the help of S.I.G. Property Management. With the help of our leasing services in Glendale, CA, you can advertise your property on more than 30 specialty Websites, including S.I.G. Westside Rentals, Craigslist, and Weblisters.

By getting your property out there, our leasing team is able to line up trustworthy potential tenants that will be happy and excited to rent from you. From property marketing to tenant screening, our leasing services know how to bring attention to your rental property as well as make sure that the person you end up leasing to is someone you can trust.

Finding the Right Tenants

It can be a significant challenge for owners to find good tenants when they are trying to lease out their properties all by themselves. Why spend so much time and stress trying to get a good return on your investment when you can ensure your success by putting the responsibility in our safe hands?

Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss leasing out your property. Some of the different ways our leasing team excels at delivering results to our clients include:

Leasing Services in Glendale, CA

Marketing – We market your property at a rate that is competitive with similar properties, list your property on specialty Websites, place a “For Lease” sign on your property, and host open house events. We also work with other real estate agents for individual appointments.

Screening – Any prospective tenants are screened thoroughly before the lease signing process begins. Applicants will be required to provide pay stubs, tax returns, and other supporting documentation. We also verify employment and run three background checks on every person over the age of 18. Our searches include credit checks, criminal background checks, and eviction searches.

Leasing – There are no upfront fees for working with our company; we are paid after your rent and deposits are collected. We review all results from our verification checks with you, confirm that you are satisfied with the terms of the lease, and collect the first month’s rent and security deposit before your new tenant receives the keys.

Our team members perform detailed move-in and move-out inspections with photos and documentary evidence, follow up with new residents to see if there are any problems after moving in, and make sure that all utilities are promptly switched over from you to the tenant.